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Performed by Vessel at Imperial Dunes, California. Conceived and Directed by Rachel Bowditch. Performers: Rachel Bowditch, Logan Phillips, Nick Broderick, Erica Majtenyi, Anne Wareing, Phillip Zisman, Aaron Wester, and Stacey Sotosky.

The 'white' figures appearing in the photographs are part of an on-going site specific performance by Vessel titled Transfix conceived and directed by Rachel Bowditch. In February 2010, Vessel collaborated with photographer Chris Loomis and artist Saskia Jorda to create these haunting images at the Imperial Dunes, California. The white ladders depicted in the photographs titled 'Escaping White' were created by Saskia Jorda. White costume worn by Stacey Sotosky designed by Galina Mihaleva. 

Photographs by Saskia Jorda.

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