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Group exhibition "10 Artists / 2000 Speculums" at ASU Grant Street Studios, Phoenix, Arizona.

Speculums and yarn.

"Saskia Jorda's textile-basses works often emphasize the tactility of making, referencing the body in relation tot he object. In Disembodied, Jorda replaces the lucet (cord-making tool) with the similarly shaped speculum-looping yarn between the arms yields a cord through the opening, or viewing Fram of the speculum. The variety of speculum sizes forms a range of thick to thin cord. The shades of red symbolically gesture to a range of women's bodily processes, from becoming a women to giving birth. Each unique combination accentuates the diversity among women and the resilience of a matriarchal lineage." Lauren R. O'Connel, Curator.

Photography by Aaron Rothman  and Victor Sidy

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