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CACEROLAZO 2017-2018

Installation views at PhxArt Project: Cityscape (2017), Phoenix Arizona and at Grand Rapids Art Museum (2018).

Performance by SentiDos Dance. Phoenix, Arizona. Pots, pans, kitchen instruments and yarn.

In the early 1990s, as I entered into my teenage years in Caracas, Venezuela, I experienced what is known as a Cacerolazo- a peaceful form of urban protest that consists of striking pots with cooking utensils. Participating in this act of civil rebellion remains etched in my memory.

Cacerolazo, is an installation of hundreds of pots, pans, and utensils suspended from the ceiling, hovering at various heights. The piece hopes to engage the community in dialog about forms of peaceful resolution to conflict and questions how a community makes its voice heart in times of conflict. This piece also examines hunger and food insecurity issues, represented by the empty pots. Cacerolazo calls for help and offers hope to end violence and hunger in a world that is suffering political unrest.

Photography by Airi Katsuta and Molly Labeff.

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