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This body of work, developed during a residency at Optima ArtSpace in Scottsdale, Arizona, was presented in a Solo exhibition at Modified Arts Gallery in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona from November 19th – December 11th, 2010.

The work focuses on the experience of migration, displacement, and the finding of a new sense of place, using the language of mapping to create abstract and imaginary cartograms. The exhibition includes a large-scale installation, along with smaller two-dimensional works made of industrial felt, cord, color pencil, and embroidery thread.

I use maps of places I have lived in or have traveled through to build abstract and distorted sculptural cartograms. I want to extract, dissect, and recombine the information into a fictional map, one that becomes a personal map or a map of memory.

Cartograms of Memory was partially funded by a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

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