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100% CONTAINED 2015

37.89 Miles of yarn on 10ft x 10ft wood platform.

100% Contained is a soft sculptural and symbolic map representing the perimeter of the Gladiator Fire (Crown King, AZ) of 2012.

This installation explores several themes: the change wrought upon the landscape by fire, the slow re-growth of Southwestern forests, and the many hands involved in fighting a fire of large magnitude. Through social practice and connecting communities, the piece intends to bring forth the beauty of a community effort linked by a common goal: raising awareness about the impact of fire on the land we inhabit – not only the destructive power of fire, but also its regenerating force.

This project was included in the Fires of Change exhibition installed at Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ, (Fall 2015) and at The University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ (Spring 2016). The exhibit resulted from a collaboration between scientists and eleven artists brought together to explore the impact of wildfires on the Southwest and to create an aesthetic interpretation of the fire ecology and climate science in the region. The project is a collaboration between the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, Landscape Conservation Initiative, and Flagstaff Arts Council, with a supporting grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

For more details visit the making of.

Photographs by Bryan Griffith, Tom Alexander, Steven Yazzie, and Saskia Jorda.

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