House Walk – 2005

House walk is an exploration of the space we define around us: our personal bubble of protection. Our perception of space is entirely cultural, it moves and shifts around us as we migrate and explore other cultures. In the performance, a cloth house walks aimlessly and blindly, following an imaginary path constructed only by the performer’s memory of her daily walk. The experience, while seemingly playful and cartoon-like, is disorienting and claustrophobic.

Mobile Homes – Performance – 2005

Installation at the “Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo,” in Leon, Mexico.

Installation of wearable structures is based on the archetypal image of a house. The wearable tent-like structures are made of canvas with PVC pipe frames and hang from a rusting clothes-drying rack. Participants activate the structures by stepping into them, as if stepping into empty shells. When one house moves it propels the next one to move, each one blindly following the other. mo·bile homes choreographs body movement while exploring the endless and disorienting monotony of sub-urbanization.